UTC General meeting, February 23, 2014


Holy Family Catholic Church has developed effective ministries and departments throughout its 75 years that catered to the diversity of our parish. During that period, several advocates of the youth insisted that the Youth Ministry program resume. It wasn’t until the Vincentian priests arrived in 2004 that a Youth Ministry program would have any hope of starting up again.

The Confirmation Team, spearheaded by the late Mary Eggert, along with a few young adults and other Parish supporters became strong advocates to get the Youth Ministry started once again at Holy Family. Many ideas for the Youth Ministry program flourished as a result of the excitement of seeing the youth active in the Parish once again. The consensus of the planners was to follow the Archdiocesan guidelines for Youth Ministry as the best model to implement at Holy Family. Together, they developed the vision, mission and the goals of the program.

Though this ministry has posed its challenges, the richness of our multi-cultural parish and its diversity inspired us to unite our talents to make this ministry the best it can be. So, we found it fitting to name our Youth Ministry, “Unity through Christ.” Several young adults and youth leaders still meet on a weekly basis to continue developing the structure of the Youth Ministry program today, while many youth continue to join the general youth meetings.

United Through Christ 2014 - No Turning Back


That Holy Family’s youth mature into generous, responsible and caring young adult Catholics who actively participate in the life of the church as disciples of Jesus Christ.


To outreach to the parish youth, provide them with a growth opportunity to serve in their faith and become a vibrant energy for the family, church and society. 

“Youth ministry is the response of the Christian community to the needs of young people and the sharing of the unique gifts of youth with the larger community” 
(USCCB, A Vision of Youth Ministry, p. 6).


Goal 1:
“To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today”
(USCCB, A Vision of Youth Ministry, p. 9).

Goal 2:
“To draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community”
(USCCB, A Vision of Youth Ministry, p. 11).

Goal 3:
“To foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person”
(USCCB, A Vision of Youth Ministry, p. 15).


Our 4 past youth ministers at our 10th annual ypr


Unity Through Christ has been a home for the teens of Holy Family and surrounding areas. With faith & fellowship at the forefront, we pray that the youth who come through our doors find Christ. 

We are a vibrant, energetic, and passionate community of young people. We aim to further our understanding of our faith and to grow with our peers. This youth-friendly parish we call home has opened the doors to many young people. 

.The youth ministry had grown to 60 members strong over the summer of 2005. Ten years later, Unity through Christ continues to grow in size. We now assist in Religious Education, Youth Mass, Confirmation, and much more. We encourage the full participation of all the youth of this parish to join our efforts as we continue to bring them to Jesus Christ. We invite YOU to be part of this wonderful Youth Ministry.