A Message from our Youth Ministers


"...From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." (Luke 12:48)

Being youth ministers means we are blessed with challenges to grow, learn, and to love. It is serving in this ministry where we feel God is showing us who we are and who He wants us to be. This role is a huge responsibility, but God has given us so much and it is our turn to give something back.

We were originally members of UTC in high school and were actually at one of the very first meetings! We were general youth members through high school and met some of our closest friends here. We were also blessed enough to attend World Youth Day in Australia in 2008 and much to our surprise, we came back to UTC to serve as advisors in 2013. It’s been nonstop fun since then. 

We are so humbled and blessed to be able to learn from and be inspired by the young people of our community. It's such an amazing experience to see youth so curious, passionate, and open minded when they come to UTC. We see Christ in every single person here and there is not a day spent with them that they doesn't teach us about God’s love. 

We're excited to see how far we can and will go for heaven. Each challenge is an opportunity to listen to God and to trust in His plan for us (even though that drives us crazy). We are still so surprised we've been placed in this role, so we welcome whatever surprises God has in store for us  here at UTC. But we're not worried, because with this ministry and it’s amazing leaders, we know that God provided us with back up to take anything on. We love that we have the opportunity to be part of a ministry that has helped to guide so many youth in their journey to heaven. This is all for the future Church!