The King

"The grass withers, the flowers wilt, but the word of our God stands forever" -Isaiah 40:8

As an avid basketball fan, my favorite player has always been Lebron James, or "King James" as he's referred to by some. (Yes, that Lebraaaaaaaan Jaaaaaaaaames.) Even people who know very little about basketball know that Lebron is my guy. I love everything about Lebron: his unselfish playing style, his combination of speed and strength, the way he leads his teammates, even his suspect off court "decision" making. Any magazine or article about Lebron I can get my hands on, I have to read. Any Lebron shirt or jersey, I have to have. Pretty much anything Lebron, I'm there. I've even tried (keyword TRIED) to emulate his game when I play basketball. 

While going on an hour long Twitter rant about him one day, I remember I stopped and thought to myself "Woah, I am taking this King James thing too far?" I was making everything I did about this one guy. I was falsely making him my king. I was guilty of idolatry. 

Speaking of king, we have a new one in America. Well, kinda. With the results from the recent election, Donald Trump is our new United States president. Especially living in southern California, the public's opinion is very clear on President Trump: they don't like him. And that's probably a significant understatement. He's been said to be a sexist, a racist, a bully, and someone who's just not good for our country. His becoming the president has caused outrage and fear to people of all demographics. Even some of my 6th graders came to school with worried looks on their faces. No less than 12 hours into the presidency there have been large protests against Trump. There's talk of people wanting to migrate to other countries. Many people feel as if the world is falling apart. But there is hope. 

Through all the noise and rampant negativity, one thing is certain: we need to remember who's the real king. 

After reading so many articles and personal views on Twitter and Facebook, I couldn't help but tweet this thought: 

Christ and his love will always reign supreme. It just takes us opening our hearts to letting him use us.

Christ is the king. Whether they're a positive figure like Lebron or a negative one like Trump, there is no other to look to for direction, to imitate, to center our lives around other than Jesus himself. Your God was crucified to show you his victory. Your God was crucified to expose your foolish doubt in him. Trust in the one and only king of all ages. 

But it is not enough to just trust in God's power and sit back in cruise control. We have to trust in him while allowing him to work through us. Our ability to let Christ seep into our hearts will reveal that through Christ we ourselves are the answer to the fear and confusion happening in the world right now. With Christ we can make change, brothers and sisters. We can be the spark of love in the lives of the people we come across.

When we know who is king, it is then we are able to serve.

Let's pray brothers and sisters, for the good of our country. Let's pray for decision making of our government. With the optimism that Christ will always be victorious, let's pray that our new president is able to lead our nation. Let us pray. 

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

"Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing away:
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things
Whoever has God lacks nothing;
God alone suffices."
- St. Teresa of Avila


We are in good hands. The King's hands. 

- Evan