Justin Ring, 25

Salutations, my name is Justin Ian Ring. I'm currently 25 years of age, and to answer your question, yes my mustache might be older than you. I stumbled upon my first UTC meeting because I was in desperate need of friends and I've been helping out with the ministry ever since. Being an advisor this year, I'm really excited to help lead our youth and see where this generation can take our ministry. Just knowing that I can make a difference in someone's faith makes me love this service even more. The free food is cool too hehe AMDG!


Chelsea Bendebel, 25

I like to play and watch basketball in my free time. Since I was born and raised in the Bay Area, this will be my first year as an advisor and any leadership position in general for UTC. I have been involved in a youth ministry back home called Junior Apostolates For Christ (J.A.C.) for about 4 years before I moved to SoCal in 2013. My faith been all over the place with spiritual highs and spiritual dryness but God has called me and brought me back to Him time and time again. I'm really looking forward to helping the teens grow more in their faith and also being able to grow in my own.

Kristyn Price, 23

My name is Kristyn Price, but I'm better known as KP. I am currently in school at CSUF to be an illustrator and graphic designer. Alongside being an advisor for UTC, I also serve as a catechist for the confirmation process. UTC has had a special place in my heart for the past decade. I served on core team from 2008-2010. I spend a lot of time with the ministry working with publicity and creative content - so that's a lot of tshirts, flyers, videos, and working with the creative teens of today! My faith means the most to me and God has led me to life of service, chastity, and love for sisterhood. I've had many experiences in my faith that have shaped me whether it be 2 World Youth Days in Spain and Poland or meeting the Lord in mass. Whether big or small, I feel that I owe this ministry for leading me in my journey and I'm excited to be an advisor this year!

Bianca Remulla, 22

My daily life consists of praying, planning, music, math, learning and watching interesting films. I've been involved in UTC since I was in middle school in 2008 and since then this ministry has positively impacted teens in many ways. It has also provided the guidance and community they need that only Jesus Christ and His Church can truly give. In my life, God is the sole source of truth and purpose. He has provided for me opportunities to serve my church, my community, my friends and my family. This year, I hope that we as a Church may be able to listen to God's call consistently and treasure His love for us in our hearts!

Kristian Bassett, 23

My first ever utc meeting was back in 8th grade when utc introduced themselves at the junior high religious Ed class. I found it fascinating and I was eager to see what all the fun and laughter was about, and have been apart of the ministry ever since. As a new advisor I am looking forward to being able to continue to serve God and build future young leaders of this ministry and church. My favorite part about UTC has got to be the service projects done at the church and out in the community because I love giving a helping hand to fellow organizations and the less fortunate. Service with a smile! (:


Ryan Fukuji, 24

My name is Ryan Fukuji. I am a 24 year old CSULA graduate, and aspiring physical therapist.  I have been a member of UTC since the very first winter retreat way back in 2005, served on the Core Team in 2008-2009, and play bass for the music ministry.  As an advisor I look forward to growing in my faith alongside all of you, and showing our community, and beyond, that the Catholic Church is alive and kicking. The best part about UTC for me are the friendships and bonds that I have formed over the years with all of the awesome people in this ministry who have helped me grow both spiritually and personally.  UTC has definitely played a huge role in shaping me into who I am today.  I am super excited to serve as an advisor this year! Praise God!

Criselda Salvani, 23