College is hard. Work is hard. The adult life is hard. On top of it all, your faith will get tested! We understand that not all schools supply a campus based ministry and many of you not in school have no place to get nurtured in your faith.

We ask you to go in depth about what it really means to be Catholic. To learn more about your faith and why the Catholic faith is still strong after thousands of years. We focus on service to others and trust us, there's is nothing more rewarding than knowing you've made someone happy.

Take a break from your stressful week and join us as we nourish ourselves with God!


 To further the growth of Holy Family’s college students into future leaders of the Catholic Church.


Outreach to college students and young adults (ages: 18-25) and provide them with a growth opportunity to serve in their faith and become a vibrant energy for the family, church, and society.

We want to provide a spiritually challenging and world-shaping vision for life. Evangelizing  young adults, drawing them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and calling them to discipleship. We provide opportunities for young adults to join in service, ministry, and leadership to help explore their vocation and calling. We seek to integrate young adults into the parish community and build participation in young adult organizations. Cornerstone supports the development of healthy, competent, caring, and faith-filled young adults by addressing their unique developmental, social, and religious needs. Most of all, we promote the development of their Catholic identity. By using the asset-building approach to address the obstacles and challenges to healthy development.


Goal 1: 
“To connect young adults with Jesus Christ through spiritual formation/direction, religious education/formation, and vocation discernment.” 

Goal 2: 
“To connect young adults with the Church through evangelizing outreach, formation of
the faith community, and pastoral care.”

Goal 3: 
“To connect young adults with the mission of the Church in the world through forming
a Christian conscience, educating and working for justice, and developing leaders for the present
and the future.” 

Goal 4:
"To connect young adults with a peer community through developing peer leadership and identifying a young adult team for the purpose of forming faith communities of peers.”